اشرف ,٢١
i miss you a thousand times over.
what if tomorrow never comes?

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The Sunnah of Al-Fitr consists of three things: Walking to the prayer place (musallâ), eating before leaving [for the prayer] and taking a full bath.

— Imâm Sa’îd b. Al-Musayyib. Al-Firyâbî, Ahkâm Al-’Eidayn. Shaykh Al-Albânî graded it sahîh in Irwâ` Al-Ghalîl 3:104. (via wayofthesalaf)

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Do not leave it O Muslim!

Do not leave it O Muslim!

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My First Love →

First love is something else. You can’t just replace it like that. The feeling you get from inexperience, the amazement from discovery and just the excitement from the newness, it can’t be redone. The first steps, the first fall, not knowing what will happen next yet being optimistic anyway. You can’t repeat the natural motivation that comes from your first love.

Once it’s gone, you can never hope to replace it. You can find something else similar yet unique in its own way but it’d never be comparable.


A new wristwatch. Again! Muahaha! A digital one this time.
Been searching online and finally found a good price(and the best model color combination for myself) from the net AND it’s the only piece left hmmm.
G001CB 1D G-Shock “Jason” fuuhh.

Getting it tomorrow for just $110.
And guess what; the seller is my neighbour haha small world.

Woots! :D

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